How to control the flight altitude and speed of agricultural drones?


The flight altitude and speed of agricultural drones can be controlled in several ways:

Remote control: Agricultural drones are usually controlled using a remote control, on which the parameters of flight altitude and speed can be set, and the flight altitude and speed can be controlled through controllers such as joysticks.

Automatic flight control system: Today's agricultural drones are generally equipped with an automatic flight control system, which can automatically control the flight according to the preset route, altitude and speed to achieve automated flight.

Barometer and GPS: Agricultural drones are usually equipped with sensors such as barometers and GPS, which can sense flight altitude and location, and use the data from these sensors to control flight altitude and speed.

Flight computer: Agricultural drones are also equipped with flight computers, which can process and calculate flight data to achieve real-time control of flight altitude and speed.

When controlling the flight altitude and speed of agricultural UAVs, it is necessary to consider that different operational tasks require different flight altitudes and speeds, for example, plant protection operations usually require lower flight altitudes and slower flight speeds to ensure the uniformity and coverage area of the sprayed liquid. Therefore, it is necessary to set the appropriate flight altitude and speed according to different operation tasks to achieve the best operation effect.

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