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From the moment you have Jitian Smart Agricultural Machinery, Jitian service comes to you 200 + service outlets all over the countryside, providing timely and professional after -sales services to escort you every time you cultivate.

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Jitian service, by your side

We have established 25 direct -operated service stations and more than 50 mobile service stations to gradually open more than 100 authorized service stations. The service network covers major agricultural operations in the country to ensure that it will serve you in the busy time of agriculture.

Jitian direct service store

Jitian mobile service station

It is self -employed by Jitian Technology and established according to the changes in agricultural time, and established in the dense area of operations, with a mobile service space with comprehensive service capabilities such as equipment maintenance, component supply, and spare product services.

Jitian authorized service station

Commonly built by Jitian Technology and partners, it has a regional authorized one -stop after -sales service space with comprehensive service capabilities such as equipment maintenance and product training.

Value -added guarantee service
Version 2023

"Anxin Protection" service

The "peace protection" service suitable for Jitian Agricultural unmanned aircraft has set up two -file package based on different needs. For electronic parts (excluding batteries) and structural parts for agricultural unmanned aircraft, free maintenance services provide product accidental damage.

(In the territory of China (except for China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), this "peace insurance" service is underwritten by Ping An Insurance and provided claims.)
Sales scope* price
Basic version
Even if you are experienced Also depend on
· electronic copy(No battery) (Such as flight control, power motor, radar, antenna, etc.)
¥ 1600rise
Advanced version
Newborn Worry -free choice
· electronic copy(No battery) (Such as flight control, power motor, radar, antenna, etc.)
· Structure (The main box of the flight platform, the beam, the arm, etc.)
¥ 3300rise
*Note: The above guarantee scope only includes the flight platform and task system. It does not include peripheral devices such as smart batteries, mobile supercharges, remote controls and other ground equipment related to unmanned airplane flight operations, and all contain no loss.
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Basic guarantee service

For example, your Jitian Agricultural Unmanned Aircraft has a product quality problem, and the great flying service provides you with warranty services.
If you meet the exchange and return conditions, you can apply for product replacement or return services with three packages, repair records, and purchase invoices.
online service
At the time of serving the farmland (April to September), Jitian service will provide you with 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted artificial seat online customer service consultation.
Service area:
· Product Function Features Consultation
· Product technical support and use guidance
· Process assistance such as product danger, determination, maintenance and other processes
More guarantee
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Provide official product maintenance services
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